Welcome to Ziano, a Winery & a Very Unique Home!

Friends that we have made here in Milano have a home in the small town of Ziano. The house is 100’s of years old and was an old winery. The land its on is surrounded by tons of vineyards and is really something to see. As an American this is what you envision all of Italy to be, and it is when you are outside of the major cities like Milan. All of the photos you see below are from inside the home which is around 10 bedrooms and three large floors with endless sitting rooms and original artwork painted on the walls!








As you can see above, there are many advantages to being able to grab a bunch of fresh grapes when ever you feel like it! Thank you Halvin for getting us some! While in this lovely town our friends Halvin and Juliette took us just a few blocks away to the local winery called Molinelli. This was truly one of the best experiences we have had in Italy. We walk in and there are several guys just sitting around a table in a room that overlooks endless vineyards drinking bottles wine and talking about wine. The best part is that wine is very reasonable pretty much anywhere in Italy. We were able to get several of their best bottles for around 10 euro, but we may have received the family discount! When asked if i wanted to try red or white, i said yes please!








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