83rd International White Truffle of Alba Fair!

Since Truffle has taken over the world of food, why not join in the fun! We jumped on a train and headed to Alba, Italy. The festival that honors both black and white truffles and takes place from October 12th through November 17th, and people come from all over the world to get their hands on the best truffle money can buy! The entire town transforms into a market that features everything truffle. The main place you will find yourself is the “Hall of Taste” here is where the gold is found. Hundreds of vendors display their “diamonds” or truffles for sale. The smell is overwhelming but its something you will never forget.





After wondering around the hall for a few hours, Pauly was finally able to settle on one white truffle that met his requirements.

Now here is the amazing thing. We put that little nugget into a wrapped bag and then into a sealed US style zip lock bog and it was still so strong we had to switch up carrying it between the two of us. Needless to say it is and extremely potent little truffle. For the next few days we ate our fair share of truffle risotto, pasta, olive oil etc and still have some left!

Just outside the busy festival traffic is a local restaurant called Douce Maison which is also a bed and breakfast. Here we (of course) had some truffle infused pasta, fresh peppers, beef tartare, a fig and apple jam and a vast assortment of cheeses. A yummy little treat to end our day.

I now leave you with some more pictures of Alba during the festival…..







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