The Armani Hotel In Milan & Other Places we have Ventured

We decided to step outside our little zone of Navigli and see what other hot spots we could find in and around Milan that would be nice. First stop, the Armani Hotel and Bar. This place is just north of the Center and is in area C (just a quick factoid about area C – its where Duomo is located and it costs more to even drive your car into this part of town, so bring your check book) We decided to stop in and hit the bar that is adjacent to their restaurant. We each had one cocktail and with that you get a thimble of yummy pasta, some almonds and olives. The bar itself is very posh with marble everything and extremely high ceilings. All the seating is at little mini leather sofa’s as it would be at a Vegas VIP spot. One and done for this place, because drinks are insanely expensive and will run you 55 euros for two. So we can cross that one off the list of things to do.





Next place – we go to an American run bar called Fiori Oscuri (not very American sounding, i know) This place advertises all the time in the local Easy Milano Magazine and they have very large lavish parties for certain American holidays and events such as Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Halloween and the Superbowl. The place was empty when we got there, but it is a total of 3 levels and they have several TV’s where they show American football and other sporting events. Lucky for us Woman’s WWF was on while we were there so I slept much better that night. We plan to go back for the Super Bowl this Sunday, but with the 6 hour time difference, I doubt we will see much of the game.



The last new place we ventured to was called Nottingham Forrest. This place is a very small fusion bar that makes speciality/creative molecular drinks. So here’s how it went down: The first time we went, there was a wait, and by wait I mean stand out in the cold until people leave and the manager waves you in. So we lasted about 30 minutes at that game and decided it was time to move on. The second time we came back (later the same night) we experienced the same thing, so I would love to tell you about the place, but other than seeing the front door, I have nothing.

The only other thing to report is that our stuff from the USA finally arrived. It took just about 2 months EVEN thought it only took 10 days to get here from the USA. The way this procedure works is that they hold it and then make you pay the “holding and handling fee” as they keep it from close to another month – which will cost you around 700 euros. You just have to love Italian efficiency. With that being said, nothing was broken or missing, however our bed did have a pretty big rip in it. But you can’t have everything πŸ™‚


One thought on “The Armani Hotel In Milan & Other Places we have Ventured

  1. I’m finally caught up again…you’ve got a great blog! Thanks for sharing your adventure…and all the pictures! Did I mention how much I love all the pictures? πŸ™‚ Miss you!


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