Merry Christmas Eve From Milano!

It was a foggy Christmas Eve today in Milano this morning………


Hope everyone is enjoying their vacation time! Not a whole lot of new things to report but I wanted to write something like i promised. Not having a Christmas tree is kind of a bummer, but the freezing cold weather makes it feel a little more like the Christmas season. Our Christmas plans include co-cooking with our neighbor and friend Richard. We are having baked chicken, a roast, mashed potatoes and a few other things that are yet to be determined. I’m not sure what it tastes like, but the cake below is a traditional Italian dessert that seems to be wildly popular, so after we eat some i will give you all my review.


We had another shopping experience yesterday. I took Pauly to the “Wal-mart” type grocery store (Esselunga) and NIGHTMARE doesn’t even begin to explain it. It was about 40 minutes just to park, and the inside was so packed that you couldn’t even push your cart through the isles. We got what we needed, but it wasn’t pretty. We finally broke down and purchased our grocery bags, because you have to pay for the plastic ones if you don’t have your own.

One thing that I have learned about Milan, is that pretty much everyone you meet here is from somewhere else. Its similar to Florida, as there are very few natives. With that being said, it will be a very quiet Christmas here since most people headed home this past weekend and return January 7th (See you then Silvia).

Since we decided to stay in Milano for Christmas we have also decided to spend New Years Eve in Monaco, monte-carlo (which is its own country but located in France). They have a massive fireworks display, which if you know me…. I freaking love fireworks!!!! The place is right on the water and in a harbor/cove and out hotel sits up in the mountain and they launch off the fireworks in the bay. Picture to follow once we get there!

Some more observations…….

Personal space doesn’t exist. Be very prepared to repeat the Dirty Dancing phrase “this is my dance space and this is your dance space” over and over again in your head, just hoping that the person 2 inches from your face hears your thoughts. Last week we were at a networking event and there was 5 of us sitting at a table talking. Just then another person came up to our table (directly behind me) and pretty much sat his plate of food on top of my head and picked up and set down his beer about .00001 inches away from hand every 2 seconds. I literally had to pick up my chair and move on the other side of the table to avoid knocking him down. Everyone at the table noticed it and kept looking at him, but he didn’t even notice and did it to the next person that sat down.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve and an even better Christmas Day……. I leave you now with some picture by Paul from Sesto Calende





2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve From Milano!

  1. Hi. I’ve found your blog at and it’s very nice.
    I was born in Milan and I lived in the same area where you are at the moment!
    It’s funny…and sometimes depressing…to see how Italians appear at the foreign eyes. Why are we always recognized as?!
    Anyway I hope you’ll enjoy this experience. Merry Christmas and a happy new year =)

    p.s. I’m sorry for the mistakes..I don’t speak/write English very well…


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