Trying to Get Cable Installed & A Visit to Castello Sforzesco

One of the most frustrating things about Italy is the total lack of customer service. It ranges from the services in restaurants to pretty much anything else that requires another party to assist you with something. With that being said, we have called the cable company (known here as Sky) to come out to our apartment and install both cable and internet. The first visit went something like this…… The guy showed up 3 hours early, Paul was still at work, and of course he didn’t speak a lick of English. Once inside our place, he took all of about 15 minutes to determine that we would need to set up another appointment and have two technicians come out to run the proper cable for the service. So I asked when that appointment would be scheduled and he replied “about 4 to 6 days” and off he went.

Fast forward 6 days later, the Sky technicians come back again, this time 2 of them with what seems to be the proper tools and equipment to complete the install. Paul was on his way from work back to the house when they arrived, and as luck would have it our “vending machine” like parking garage was not working, so Paul had to stay with the car and wait about an hour for the garage attendant to arrive and resolve the issue. So I called my friend Richard who lives nearby to talk with the Sky guys since he speaks fluent Italian. After requesting a ladder from us (which we are fresh out of) we had to locate our building porter, Antonio. Luckily for us, it was after 3:00 PM so he was nice and drunk, and ready to argue with the Sky guys. After we made it through that, the cable guys walked around the building a few more times to only come back to us and say that they can’t install the cable here – in their words “its no possible” so still no cable or internet. Here is Paul’s reaction after they left, and he called the Sky Customer Service line…..


After several (like 20) minutes on hold, he was able to reach an operator who didn’t speak English and told him that he needed to get a card via the mail and then he should call back to have them activate it. Don’t worry, it didn’t make any sense to us either, so he just said thanks and hung up……..


sooooo we are back to square one with cable and internet, to be continued. For now we will just continue to download movies and TV shows – any suggestions are appreciated since I have literally seen Horrible Bosses, Bridesmaids, The Change Up and Wunderlust about 500 times each and counting.

A Visit to Castello Sforzesco……..

Quick back story on this place: Its a landmark of Milan, the castle is a vast brick quadrilateral. It’s a symbol of the Golden Renaissance Age and is home to the civic museums.





On our way back from the Castle we walked through the markets at Duomo:




One thought on “Trying to Get Cable Installed & A Visit to Castello Sforzesco

  1. This might not do you any good until you have internet, but with “tunnelbear” you can watch U.S. t.v. shows on hulu, etc. without the message feeling you “too bad, you’re computer isn’t in the US.” I have to tell you, for being here only a few weeks you guys are doing amazingly well!


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