New Cafes & A Warm Welcome from the US Embassy

I ventured out a little further than the Millennium Cafe right outside our apartment (this one is 300 feet away) to a place called Il Cavaliere. Here is yet another picture of the coffee and snacks I enjoy in the mornings.

image image

Last evening we went to our new Ollie’s AKA Camillo’s and Pauly assisted the owner (Ricky) with some decor tips. If you can’t make any of the pictures they are all soccer related. Also, they have numerous games there that you can play, however they are all in Italian. If you thought Risk was hard in English then don’t even try this version!

image image image

It rained on and off today, so rather than taking public transportation to our appointment at the US Embassy we decided to drive. As I have been saying all along, you just can’t get used to the craziness that takes place on these roads! With that being said, I tried to get a good picture to show the chaos but it doesn’t even come close. It takes longer to find a parking garage than it does to drive anywhere and back. Unfortunately, I can’t upload video’s to this blog but if I find a way to do so, I will be happy to show the fun fun traffic, the interesting sounds our washer makes, and our really cool vending machine parking garage.


But we finally found a space and walked several blocks to the US Embassy. Much to our surprise (but consistent with our luck) when we put the appointment in our iPhone calendars, it was saved as US time not Milan time, which means that we should have been there are 10:00 AM not 4:00 PM. Here is the best part….. once there they “called upstairs” and we were allowed to speak with someone over an intercom and the result….wait for it…… sorry, we are not open to the public after noon, please reschedule for a later date. Yep, that was our warm welcome from the US Embassy, turned away by our own. Anywho if you are ever curious – this is the building that we didn’t get in today, note the American flag to the right of the pic:


Tonight we go to Bar Twelve for the Christmas Partyamo event. We are doing a small gift exchange, which should be fun since Paul and I didn’t get to attend any Christmas parties this year. Hopefully, we meet some new people from the US! More to report on this event tomorrow, but in the meantime here is a photo of the groups creator from last week, Steve, playing the air drums;


As I end pretty much every blog…… spotted again today, in the new cafe I went to.



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