Found a Real Grocery Store & Kelly May Have a Job…

Monday evening I went with a teacher from the Partyamo group named Carol to one of her students homes.  She teaches full-time at one of the University’s and also does private English lessons for children around the city. Since she is possible moving to England, I have entertained the idea of taking over her private evening classes. So far I have just went to one and am scheduled to attend another two sessions with her Wednesday evening. I have enjoyed it thus far, the only obstacle is finding the correct route (tram, subway, cab, walking) with all the transportation options and in the following conditions:



My Walking Adventures Continue
Yesterday I walked about 2.3 miles (each way) to FINALLY find a “supermarket” that has everything under one roof AND they have real shopping carts!!!! It will cost you one euro to get one, but its well worth it since the isles are wide enough to actually take a normal cart down them! However, just like driving on the street, that’s how everyone maneuvers around the store – bumper carts!

With a little help from my Google Translate App, I was able to locate Tarragon, Thyme, Basil, Chicken Stock, and Gruyère cheese just to name a few of the impossible items that Paul had challenged me to get for his French cooking creation. One more note that I want to share is that unlike the US if you want to buy fruit or veggies, you have to weigh them yourself and get the appropriate sticker and bag them before hitting the register. Here are the items of my conquest and a photo of the size of this huge store I finally found!

image image

Here is the final product (made by chef Pauly of course):


Lastly, I still find it completely interesting that this little guy continues to wonder the streets of Milano on a daily basis with no owner in site. He still walks into the cafe’s and stores around the city, as if he is just socializing and enjoying his day. I found out that one of the residents in our building calls him “Eddie” because he thinks he looks like the dog from Frasier….. but he looks nothing like him, so i will continue to call him The Traveler or “il viaggiatore” since he is everywhere, everyday…



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