Partyamo Event, Internations Event and Paul’s Great Slip and Fall

We once again went to a networking event Thursday night with the Partyamo group at Bar Twelve. We met a few new people, mostly from South Africa, but no American’s. Starting to think we are dying breed or there is just not that many of us in Milan. However, here is my friend Silvia (we are pals since she too is also late to everything she does šŸ˜‰) and Paul posing for the camera which he loves soo much!

image image

Friday night we went to another networking event with the Internations Group. Its 3,95 euros a month and I’m still deciding if its worth it. This one was held at Shatush (a Japanese restaurant a bit North of the Centre of the city). Which is a tram, Subway and in our case a cab ride. Drinks were insanely expensive and again, no American’s attended and we really didn’t meet anyone new there, just the girl that ran the event. For now, we are pretty much giving up on these groups, as all the people I have met and have become friends with are just from our little neighborhood and the bars/restaurants we fraternize. The best (and by best I mean funniest) part of the night was the fact that Pauly and I got really dressed up, maybe a little too much, and it was sleeting and snowing the entire night. We had to walk a pretty good distance back towards our house and it was similar to watching clowns on ice. We were slipping and sliding all over the streets, sidewalks and roads, Paul took a massive spill landing on his elbow and his back. At the time we laughed it off however after the pain settled in, it was on marble. So needless to say, Paul was not moving very fast for the next 2 days, or moving at all. ARCHER DOWN!

Monday I took a stab at grocery shopping. Keep in mind that since I do not cook much at home…. finding specific ingredients, no knowledge of store placement and the sheer “lost in translation” was a fun addition to this process. Originally, Paul wanted to make me his infamous tarragon chicken and sent me the list of ingredients to go purchase and all I can say to that is BWHAAAAAAAAAAAAA as in not going to happen. So I decided to take matter in my own hands and purchase some handmade tortellini (ricotta and mushroom) and some bakery made breads, and the necessities to create a brown butter sauce. That makes our first home cooked meal in our new Italian home!! It was a great success!


I will venture out beyond our little grocery store and supermarket to look for more cooking items later on this week….to be continued.

image image


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