Chinese Food in Milano and Observations Around the City

Its a foggy morning in Milan today since the snow is coming tomorrow and for the weekend, however the cappuccino’s at Cafe Millenium are as decorative as ever……

image image

As wonderful as pasta and chocolate filled pastries are, after a few weeks you tend to want anything else to eat. With that being said, Paul and I decided to try some Chinese food last night for dinner from Lan Cheng. We both ordered the spicy crispy chicken (mine with white rice and his with Cantonese rice) and it was very good. The bones were in the chicken so it took some work to eat, but very flavorful and tasty. For those of you that like sesame or teriyaki chicken like me, it doesn’t exist here (or at least I can’t seem to find it).

image image

Just as in the US, sushi is wildly popular and is the main dishes both Chinese and Japanese restaurants focus on. After dinner Paul and I went to the local hardware store and finally found the correct screws and bolts to mount our TV into the wall until our American TV of proper size arrives (hopefully around the 1st of the year) 😁😁 that will make these American’s very very happy!! Not to mention that I am still reading my new favorite book:


Observations Around the City

1. Skinny jeans are worn by EVERYONE – no matter how old you are, male or female, gay or straight…everyone looks as through their jeans are painted on. A trend I will not conform to, period.

2. Colorful converse sneakers are “cool” and I mean the high tops (yes 1984 style) the brighter the colors the “cooler” they are.

3. If you don’t smoke you are the minority. Everyone here smokes: from young to old, its pretty much a given and accepted all over the place. You can’t smoke inside restaurants but everywhere else is acceptable.

4. Dogs – they are everywhere and dressed to the nines. They are in coffee shoppes, restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores etc. Dogs are as welcome as people and they dress better than most in the US with matching rain/snow gear to everyday wear. The only downside to all the doggies, is that they pee and poo wherever they want to and some owners do not take into consideration other people walking on the same streets. My Italian friend Silvia calls these little brown piles “chocolate”.

5. Slot machines are in coffee shoppes and are wildly popular. I have yet to see someone win a substantial amount, however it seems to be a fun way to pass the time.

6. Welcome to the new meaning of Happy Hour (American’s). Happy Hour in Italy means that you pay a little more and get appertivo or food along with a drink. The spread of food can be really extensive ranging from fried dough, brushetta, all kinds of pastas, and meats/cheeses galore. You can make a meal of it for around 10-15 euros (I will try to get some more pictures of these spreads as they are everywhere daily). Drinks are never discounted and you can forget 2 for 1. The drink prices are pretty standard at every place, unless of course you go to a hotel or tourist area then they are more. A drink will run you about 7 euros, you are paying 5 for the alcohol and another 2 for the mixer. There is no soda guns, everything is in a mini bottles. I have however been able to get our local pub to order Sprite Zero for me, so I have been a happy girl. Surprisingly beer is about the same cost, but the glasses are bigger than a typical US glass.


7. Not a shocker at all but no one here in on their phones like every American is all day long. No one is sitting around playing words with friends or looking at Facebook (Or blogging from a cafe 😜). Everyone is drinking cappuccino’s and expresso’s like they are going out of style, all day long. They eat pretty much the same way, all day long too. I’m not sure how everyone is so skinny, but they are. Hopefully I will fall into that category of eating pasteries, pasta and breads all day long too and not gain a pound….. to be continued.

The week is almost over all, hope you had a good one!! I wanted to add one last picture of my baby boy Jacob and his cousin and new BFF Brody, I miss him lots!!



3 thoughts on “Chinese Food in Milano and Observations Around the City

  1. Cute dogs! Just an FYI, ‘happy hour’ exists in Italy, with discount specials (which cater more towards student type pubs and hotspots….5 shots, 5 euros or ‘7-9pm 4 euro long drinks’ etc) Aperitivo, is not happy hour, but as you noted you pay more for the food included. Not sure if it’s the same in Milano but in Firenze, after the first drink, the others go back to normal price. Typically here we pay 8-10 euros for the first drink including apero`, and then anything else is just drink price. 🙂


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