We find Tizzy’s Bar and……I’m sorry….. your from where????

If you believe in coincidences then this story is FOR YOU! As we do every night, Paul and i were sitting on the couch looking at the YELP app on our phones to find a new place to go for dinner. I came across a place called “Tizzy’s” It was described as “burgers, breakfast and brunch, and American Grill” so of course Pauly heard the word burger and his eyes lit up. Off we were to Tizzy’s a few streets from our place directly off the canal (a beautiful spot close to home).

image image

As we walked in, we not only noticed that pretty much everyone that worked there spoke English, but most were American. We find a seat at the bar and realize that they serve Brooklyn Beer (for those of you non-beer drinkers its made in New York) Needless to say Pauly was quite happy thus far….


Paul ordered a cheddar burger (medium) and I ordered an american style Caesar salad with grilled chicken and croutons. While waiting for our food to take away (AKA take out) we started making small talk with one of the owners (who by the way was wearing the devils hat FSU) and he had asked where we were from. We proceeded to tell him Florida and he says “I lived in Florida my whole life” of course the next question from me is where abouts…… and here is the kicker DELAND!! Yes Deland and guess what he too went to Stetson University!!! What are the odds!??!?!?! For those of you that do not know, i went to Stetson and there were about 2000 students per class at that time, and not too many more now. All I can say is that it’s a small world getting smaller!!

With all that being said the food was amazing!  A little taste of home but better with amazing french fries similar to Fiddlers Green for all those of you from Orlando – extremely American and wonderful food that we highly recommend to anyone that wants a little taste of home while away for a week or years at time. Here is one of my favs of Pauly enjoying his burger!! Love it!

image image

Tomorrows blog will include all the trial and tribulations of getting our paperwork from both the courthouse and post office…. all I will tell you in advance is that the postoffice in Italy is sort of like the DMV in the US but much more frustrating and better people watching……. to be continued.

XOXO all my Orlando peeps the forecast for the remainder of the week is SNOW so brace yourself for more pictures of just that šŸŽ…šŸŽ…šŸŽ„šŸŽ„


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