A Friday with Silvia and the CAE crew comes into Milan for the night

Sorry for the delay, it’s been a busy few days. While Pauly was at work on Friday I spent the day with Silvia (a girl that has lived in Milan for about 4 years and she speaks English). I met her the previous night at the party-milano social network group. Ordered my daily coffee and as always it was a work of art. Then we found an amazing breakfast at a place called the Bagel Factory which has American style bagels and they had CHEDDAR CHEESE!!!! Also they have extra-extra-large peanut butter cookies. Peanut better is not something commonly found Italy, so the next one I get, I’ll be sure to take a picture (however this one was already in my belly before I thought to photograph it 😁).

image image

It snowed all day Friday as Silvia walked me around the city. Here are some images of the cool churches and things we visited on our walk (sorry to say I don’t remember the names of all of them)

image image

image image

We once again walked to Duomo and its hard to see but the snow was really coming down there as well. I really want to go at night because the amount of lights on the buildings is amazing. The bad thing about this blog site is that I can’t upload videos….. So those will most likely just be on my FB page.

The picture below is a tourist area where the last supper took place and I believe there is some type of tour that you can take as well but we were not up for that since its pretty expensive and there are many other free things to do in the city.


After a quick nap Paul and i are off to the grocery store. You have two choices here 1. PAM or 2. Essalunga either way be prepared to get frustrated. The isles are about half the size of any grocery store in the US and like everything else, no one is in a hurry, ever. Below is a picture of the lines that you get to wait in while checking out…. Oh and did I mention that you get to bag your own groceries and if you want bags you are charged for them as well. To all my Florida friends remember…. It truly IS a pleasure to shop at Publix!


Paul had invited the CAE crew to come into Milan to check out our new place and also to have dinner. Once all 10 people arrived we walked to Officiana 12, a posh restaurant / bar that is within walking distance from our apartment. It’s decorated very Christmasy, which I love. The only bad thing I will say about it is that they crank the heat up and we happened to sit upstairs where it was a smoldering 95+ degrees. Just remember to sit downstairs and it wail, be a great experience!!

image image


Saturday – Paul and I find a really cool wine store!

Just down the street is a place called Vine Vino. It’s a family owned and run wine store that has a plethora of vino. White wines are much harder to come by here but if you look you can find some. The first image is the interior of the store, the second is the back storage area which they let me go into to take pictures. The wine bottles on the ceiling have been there since the beginning of time. Pretty cool if you ask me!

image image

Saturday evening Pauly and I went to a steak house called ALCHIMIA. We both ordered the filet. Mine was with a fondue style cheese melted all over it and his was bacon wrapped (of course). Both were delicious and the ambience was very warm and welcoming there. Great date place or to join friends to relax with wine and comfort food. They too were decorated to the nines for Xmas- very nice to see a tree!

image image image image

Until tomorrow……. Arrivederci


6 thoughts on “A Friday with Silvia and the CAE crew comes into Milan for the night

  1. I am finally caught up and looking forward to more adventures! You’ve got such a way with words! I also want to see pics of the pizza, just to see if it’s different than American pizza. 🙂 But I’m definitely enjoying all of the pictures you’ve posted so far – I like how you make recommendations about the places you visit or eat at…as if we’ll all visit someday, which I hope we can.


    • The bagel factory is a very short walk from our apartment, Kelly found it one day walking around. She’s in love because they also have eggs. We have been here only 3 weeks


      • If you guys haven’t already read some sites about culture shock, you may want to. This is an exciting time, but an emotionally tumultuous one. When I finally read about culture shock I felt much better about my adjustment. Good luck!


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