Day 7 – Kelly takes on a solo mission and the Archers go to their first Milano social event!

It was a brisk AM in Milano today at 36 degrees. My new assignment or “job” as CEO of the household today I had my first mission FIND A BOX PARKING SPACE TO RENT…. Mission accomplished!! Go me! I was able to secure an appointment and sign a contact for an assigned “box” or garaged parking place which happens to be less than one block from our apartment. Here is the coolest part…. You car gets to take an elevator ride down to the under ground parking garage. Even though the pic was taken at night you can get the idea below…..


Over the past almost week, I tend to walk the same paths down the same streets and both Paul and I have noticed the same doggie with walking the streets alone without an owner. So today I decided not only to photograph him but also to name him. I have selected to call him the traveler or il viaggiatore in Italian. I’m not sure how he manages to walk around all day without guidance or direction and not be hit by some form of crazy bus, car or especially moped, but he does and for that I want to be his friend and buy him a treat. Makes me miss my doggies.


The really cool thing about dogs here is that everyone has them of all sizes from tiny to elephant, dogs are accepted everywhere from the grocery store to the equivalent of department stores. The down side is that they get to poo and pee in all the same places and most people pick up after them, some do not. In the event of the latter you always have to on the look out for poo mines, which are also everywhere.

After my solo parking mission today I finally unpacked all of the 6 suitcases that we brought here. All I can say is that I need hangers and another closet. Needless to say we have too much shit and no place to put it. Tomorrow is another day to try again. I’ll try to take pictures and update on this one.

Tonight we went to our first social event to a group called partyamo (it’s ran by a guy named Steve and can be found on Facebook) normally they have 60-120 people show up for the event and its pretty much a social networking group for newcomers to Milan. However since tomorrow is a “holiday” and no one is working, no one really showed up, there were about 17 of us. We met a handful of people, 2 of which were Americans – one from New Orleans and one from New Port Beach California. Everyone else has been in Italy for years and had nothing nice to add for new people. There were also a few Canadians but they too are not happy to be here. So needless to say we might give it one more try and see if its something we can benefit from. I added a pic of Paul at the event below, my little social butterfly.


I hate to harp on the driving thing but….. We witnessed an accident tonight at the event, and here is how the accident reporting goes…. If no one is hurt, the police aren’t called. You simply exchange info and go about your day with a smashed to shit car. Amazing. Below is a pic and the car was so banged up that it was blocking the trolley and nothing really happened other than a few people pushing it out of the way?!?!?!? Again stunning to me. But when in Rome….lets just say its a good thing I’m not the one driving here!!!!!


Other than that nothing new to report. We ordered our 8th pizza in 6 days and sat down in front of the TV we carried from the electronics store and ended our night watching The Voice. Hope everyone has a great night and can’t wait to share tomorrows adventures with all of you. We have 9 people coming into Milano to see our place from Sesto Calende (where Paul works) to go out tomorrow night so it should make for some really good blogging. Until then good night.


3 thoughts on “Day 7 – Kelly takes on a solo mission and the Archers go to their first Milano social event!

  1. Although I don’t personally know you, I am enjoying your blog. Looks like such an adventure living in a new country. I assume a job took you both to Italy. My husband and I want to fly to Italy and then drive to Germany.. Once our youngest graduates HS (three years) we plan on taking the trip.
    Well keep the blogs coming and I hope you don;t mind me reading them.
    Take care and enjoy the pizza.


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