Day 6 – Lunch at Rugantino and Christmas Decor

Corso San Gorttardo in the Morning

It was another beautiful morning today in Milan and the sunshine was out! Last night was my first night at home alone while Pauly worked. Not bad at all just still really would like some TV in English. Anywho, today we went just West of Duomo to a little locals restaurant called Rugantino Ristorante (pictured below). They had covered outside seating with plenty of heaters and the place was booming. I ordered the Grici bacon pasta and Pauly had the Carbonara both were delicious. The issue I have been running into at every restaurant is eating enough from the troth of food they bring you, as to not get asked “was is no good?” And then there is that awkward rub your stomach and make the “full face” and hope it translates. Also, know that take out containers are hard to come by and they use the term “take away” instead.

Lunch! Rugantino

After lunch we took a leisurely stroll through Parco Delle Basiliche which is a park that has dog parks and children play areas and is behind a really big church (of which I don’t know the name)


The end of our afternoon was what you would think to be a very simple task, but as I have told you before, nothing is as it once seemed in Milano. We needed to hit up the grocery store and find toilet paper and laundry detergent. Simple right….. Not so much. For what ever reason they tend to keep the dishwasher detergent immediately next to the washer machine detergent. In the US that’s a simple distinction, however here there are no snuggle bears and the amount of fabric softeners the have here is absolutely insane. Not to mention i have yet to see where that goes in our shoe box washer! So needless to say we think we purchased laundry detergent but ill let you know how that goes. As for the toilet paper, we were able of figuring that one out, even though i see no reason to put the paper towels in the same packaging right next to them.

Lastly, we arrived back to our apartment and found that someone had spent all day adding beautiful Christmas decor! I hate to spoil the surprise but this will be our holiday card!



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