Day 4 -The quest for a TV and a walk to Duomo


As most of you know, Paul and I watch quite a bit of TV and since we have arrived here that has not been the case. A I mentioned before we get 150+ channels and nothing is in English Except cartoons and the TV that is in our apartment will not connect with any of the American cords/ equipment we have so….. Today we had to find the equivalent of a Best Buy or HH Greg to purchase a new TV since ours will be coming over on the cargo boat, which seeing how long it takes is most likely a canoe. With that being said it was quite an adventure to walk down the streets of Milan carrying a TV between The two of us. So we hailed a cab (which was a small car that almost didn’t hold us plus the TV) and had to bring it home that way. Mission accomplished.

After the shopping adventure we walked about one mile to Piazza Duomo (picture above). Duomo is pretty much in the center of Milan and was founded in 1386 when it was the largest church in Italy. Now it’s the third largest in the world and is decorated with 2,245 statutes, 135 spires and 96 gargoyles. It can hold up to 40,000 people. There is a roof top tour that you can take to get a view of the entire city but we are going to wait and do that when we have visitors come see us (hint hint to Mary, Carrie, Cmac and most of our family).



4 thoughts on “Day 4 -The quest for a TV and a walk to Duomo

  1. Good luck and much happiness in all your new adventures…it looks beautiful there.can you give me your new address.we will miss you both at the family Christmas eve dinner at our house this to you both! Aunt Sherry and Uncle Paul XO


  2. Ohh my goodness you left already…:( I did not get to say good bye. Oh well I guess it means I have to go see you, and lucky me, I’m passport ready..:)


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